DAAA XC Relay Championships

DAAA XC Relay Champs – 20th October 2018

Our season is well underway now and this weekend brought the team to Helensburgh for the annual Dunbartonshire Amateur Athletics Association XC relays. After a slightly hectic journey down having to take a replacement bus service (involving Andrew Merry sprinting heroically between the bus and train station down the hill) we arrived. The weather was what could be typically expected for a cross country race, a constant light drizzle complete with mist. Nevertheless this was not enough to faze any of our teams, least of all Kirsty who, with her signature cropped vest gave the women’s A team an impressive lead, closely followed by Laura Stewart. The course consisted of two 2km laps with a steep uphill climb followed by a rapid decent. Change overs to Katherine Mitchell and Emily Crusher were slick and efficient. With the B team now in third place Emily had her work cut out, but managed to make up time and finish her leg in second place, behind Katherine. The final runners, Aoife Carr and Stefanie Tucker put in strong runs for both teams, giving Glasgow a 1, 2 finish. Well done to Sorcha Hill, Sophie Chisholm and Julia Dunn as well to Vera, Natalia MacKowiak and Emma McKenzie who made up the third and fourth teams, putting in strong performances, with this being the first cross country race for some runners.


Next to head off were our 3 mens teams, lead by Finley Todd, John Melvin and Jean-Baptiste Michel who each gave their teams a strong start despite the tough competition. The A team had a particularly imaginative change over technique opting for a cheeky bum-tap over the more traditional hight five. Ellian Dorantes, Charlie Harris and Alexander Vikentev maintained the strong start each of the teams had managed, with Elian in particular putting in an impressively quick performance and Charlie’s un-usual choice of shorts making him easy to spot from a distance. The teams momentum was not lost by the third leg runners, with Oli Traynor pulling away even further for the A team and Daniela Nixon and Will Rooney putting in strong performances as well. The pressure was now on for Andrew Merry to keep this lead, which he managed wonderfully with the A team finishing in first place while Murdo Trail and Murdo Graham finished the B and C teams in 5th and 15th respectively. Individual medals were also won by Katherine Mitchell for Fastest Over 20 woman’s lap, Stefanie Tucker for fastest Under 20 woman’s and Andrew Merry for fastest under 20 men’s lap. 


A storming day of GUHH domination, congratulations to everyone who raced!

Words by Stefanie Tucker


West District XC Relays

Finally, after a summer of dry and warm training, Cross Country season had come. The West Districts XC Relay champs was the first club race of the year, and we were treated to a day of excitement, an uncomfortably warm minibus and non-stop raining.

The race took us south-west to the “scenic” seaside town of Irvine. As we made our way to Beach Park, the race location, the towering chimneys and old industrial buildings added to the rustic, surf and turf race environment. While Hannah and John frantically searched for the declarations, Tom set up the impressive Hares and Hounds tent (pavilion) and provided sanctuary for all the keen runners to get changed, put on face paint and shelter from the rain.img_7015

The women’s race was up first, and Glasgow University was well represented with 4 teams and plenty of new club members. The first leg runners, Kirsty, Hannah, Emma, and Rhianna were off and had the difficult task of learning the course as they ran. They were greeted by sharp corners, tight uphills and zesty downhills. However, despite this, each of them made it back and finished strong, passing the baton, course info and tips onto the second leg runners; Emily, Izzy, Dominique and Caitlin. Quickly afterwards it was up to the anchors of each team. The pressure now was on Stefanie, Katherine and Juliet, who knew that top 10 finishes were in their grasp. After all was said and done, Glasgow Uni finished a superb 7th, 13th and 18th – setting a very high standard for Men’s teams up next.

Anthony and Euan were first up at the start line, eager to run and enter the pain cave. At the sound of the gun they were off with a sprint start. It was an exciting first leg, with plenty of action and pack running. Visor-Andrew and Arizona-Aidan were next to embrace the rolling hills and tight corners of Irvine, followed by Lewis and Gregor. Each ran strong and straight, again leaving it up to the anchors Robbie and Craig to bring it home. The Hares and Hounds managed an impressive 11th and 30th on a very competitive field of runners.

Soon enough, it was almost time to leave the beautiful Beach Park and make our way back to Glasgow. A quick game of Fives was played to decide who would take the drenched tent home to dry, which was conveniently ‘forgotten’ by Lewis. Tom made sure we were nice and roasty-toasty in the damp minibus for the return journey, and soon enough, we were all showered and drinking hot beverages at home after a very successful, soaking and satisfying outing to Irvine.

Words by John Melvin


Stirling Freshers XC

Six of us jumped into GUSA 10 on a lovely Wednesday afternoon as we prepared to set off to Stirling for the first cross country race of the semester. Tom the driver, 3 guys confusingly named Andrew, Andrew, and Drew, along with first timers Madeline and Vera.

Soon enough however, we were jumping back out again as the dashboard was signalling a braking fault. So ensued a long debacle of trying to find a replacement bus, failing to get a replacement bus, driving to the garage to see if they could quickly fix it, being taken on a test drive and performing an emergency stop to test the brakes, and then finally being told that not only were the brakes faulty but so were the airbags and other important features. It looked like all hope was lost.

But never fear. Through the grey clouds came the angelic figure of Tom with news of a replacement bus supplied by the mechanics. We were back on the road, but the ordeal wasn’t over yet. Time was against us. Leaving at 4:20 for a 5 o’clock race left no room for error and the early commuters were no help at all.

We managed to contact the organiser who would have our race numbers ready for us when we turned up, but we were cutting it very close. At 5:02 we arrived at the race HQ and everyone jumped out to make a dash for the start line.

As it turned out, the organiser had very kindly delayed the start by 30 mins just for us, so we were able to lower our heartbeats a little and warm up before we raced. A very stressful few hours were followed by some great racing by all with our boys ending up with 4th, 5th, and 11th to finish 2nd team, while Vera and Madeline came round in 37th and 48th.

A beautiful day for a not-so-Scottish cross country with no mud to be seen made for some fast running and sweaty faces and everyone enjoyed the experience thoroughly (aside from the bus dilemma)

Special thanks to the organisers from Stirling Uni, we were all very appreciative for the delayed start

Words by Andrew Merry


RESULTS: Glasgow University Road Race 2018

Huge thanks to everyone who came out to support today’s 5 mile road race. A full race report and photos to follow, but in the meantime please enjoy today’s full results:

Special thanks to all out timekeepers, marshals and huge numbers of alumni who came out to support the race today, it wouldn’t have been possible without you!

BUCS Cross Country Championships 2018


This weekend saw 7 of Glasgow’s finest make the long journey down to London (thanks to Alastair for driving the minibus) for the annual British Uni’s and Colleges cross country champs. Hosted by Brunel Uni the course was “proper” XC with hills, mud, rain and a river crossing which claimed at least a few athletes over the course of the day, see:

Some runners having a tough time at BUCS Cross Country Champs 2018.Credit: Sport Imperial

Posted by Rian McCawley on Sunday, 4 February 2018

First up was the Women’s race with Alicia Paton and Izzy Rayner representing the mighty Craic N’ Gold, faced with a two lap, 6.5km course that even made Callendar park seem like well…ehm… a walk in the park. Izzy set the early pace opening up a 50m gap over Alicia by the halfway point of the first lap at the river and maintaining the lead for most of the race, until Alicia showed her track pace on the finishing straight to close down Izzy and pass her on the line, before skidding through the mud at the end (yet still stay the cleanest out of the team). Alicia and Izzy finished 256th and 258th respectively out of a massive, high quality, field of 718, with no less than 9 GB runners and many more top-class athletes making the finish line. Two great runs, which bode well for the future with both girls having at least two more years to compete in what is unarguably the top cross country race in the country, and set the guys up for their chance to take on the challenging course.

The boy’s race was over 10km, including the same challenges of the girl’s. With 5 runners in the ‘A’ race we were guaranteed a team finish, as long as at least 4 of us finished. In the end none of us succumbed to the rain, cold and mud, all finishing – having thoroughly enjoyed the racing over such a challenging course. Getting the early pace right was the key to success on the energy sapping course and all 5 judge their efforts well, in particular returning former captain Alastair who chewed up the 2nd lap to breeze by the opposition and close in on his teammates to ensure an exciting finish. Buoyed by the girls support around the course in the miserable, rainy conditions (so much for the sunny London weather) this led to a brilliant team finish, which saw Tristan come 27th, Finlay 76th, Martin 97th, Alistair 113th and Gregor 183rd. Such a strong team performance resulted in us coming 14th overall! Encouraging signs for the upcoming national xc champs in Falkirk where we’re sure to see strong performances once again from this team, with all but Alastair competing in the u20 race, with Thor continuing his return to fitness and going up against the best senior men Scotland has to offer on the 24th.

Post race the team headed back to their accommodations to chisel away the mud and freshen up for evenings events. Once energy was restored the boys headed across to Izzy’s house where the Rayner family had prepared a banquet fit for the queen, appropriate since her majesty was such a close acquaintance of theirs (photo evidence was supplied). The food was delicious, good chat was had and the hospitality was very much appreciated. Since we’d travelled so far it also seemed a shame not to experience the local culture and there was no better way than the local pub. It was then on to the main event, the after party at Brunel union, minus Gregor who was being educated on various conspiracy theories, ranging from the titantic secret coverup to extra-terrestrials impact on modern day technology, from a local clearly in the know. Meanwhile at Brunel, 1000 plus student athletes descending on the multi-story club was always (never) a recipe for a civilised night, especially when rowdy Loughborough runners are thrown into the mix. The highlight was the silent disco with an impressively multi-talented DJ.

The following morning, with legs fresh and minds clear, the team re-grouped at Windsor Park, after a successful rescue operation to retrieve Finlay from the den of said Loughborough athletes. The team were treated to a running tour of the Queen’s back garden, to help ease the pain of the previous 24 hours. The team then completed the return journey back up north with credit to Alastair for getting us all home safely.

Race report by Martin “techno” Lynas, Finlay “thrown out” Todd, and Tristan “Fife4lyf” Rees

Welcome back!

Freshers run 2017

Welcome back to our seasoned runners and welcome along to our new members! Coming up this Fresher’s week we have some great events for you to all come and get involved with:

Tuesday 12th September 1000-1700 and Wednesday 13th September 1000-1600 – come down and meet the friendliest (and cheapest!) club on campus! Find out what we’re all about, our new jogging group, meet some of our keen members in their shortest shorts and see if the rumours of delicious home baking are true!

Thursday 14th September 1730 we will be meeting at the front of the Stevenson building for our very first run of the year! As ever, we will be running 3, 5 or 7 miles and will front and back mark every route so no one gets lost. All abilities are welcome and the weather forecast is even looking good!

Monday 18th September will mark the start of our first week of training. For our first two weeks we will stick to “easy miles” (3, 5 or 7 mile runs, with front and back marking) as well as the introduction of our new and exciting jogging group every Monday! As ever, find us at the front of the Stevenson building at 1730 Monday – Thursday.

Sunday 24th September we will be having our freshers bbq, hosted by our kind sponsors Record Factory on Byres Road. Before this everyone is very welcome to attend our taster trail running session. Keep an eye on the facebook group for more details about this!

Road Race Rescheduled, Entries Reopened

The Glasgow University 5 Mile Road Race will now be held on Saturday the 18th February at Garscube Sports Complex, with the race now starting at 11am.

Entries have now been reopened on entrycentral here. Online entries will be open till the 15th February, with entries available on the day from 9.30am – 10.40am at registration within Garscube Sports Complex.

A course map is available here.

All existing entries for the postponed November race will be automatically transferred to the new date. The existing entries will not appear on entry central, however you are still entered in the race. Due to the change of date, all entrants to the orgininal race date are entitled to a refund. Anyone wishing to receive a refund and withdraw from the race should contact:


The race was originally scheduled for Saturday 26th November 2016 but was postponed due to a sheet of ice on part of the course.

Feel the Burns – 15/01/17

Stories of snowy trails, stunning vistas and a haggis feast drew a record 10 Hares and Hounds to the Feel the Burns Hill Race in bonnie Selkirk. An eclectic mix of seasoned hill runners, race veterans and hill running newbies ensured we would pepper ourselves throughout the field. Amazingly, everyone arrived with all the required kit. Unbelievable!

The weather the week before looked promising to match the winter wonderland that has treated this race for the past two year. On the morning of the race however, a freakish heatwave transformed the course into a mix of black ice, flowing rivers, deep bogs, 2ft snow drifts with some good hard ground in-between. Wise words at the race briefing of “look where you’re going and you’ll be grand” … sound advice.

After some quick team photos – later poached by the local press – we gathered on the start line in a muddy field. Something that I can’t quite remember happened, a gun or a hooter or someone shouted go, and we started madly running across the muddy field. The first challenge is getting out the field across a particularly muddy section on a brutal camber, primed to wipe us out like skittles. The next mile is on a firm forest track with sneaky patches of black ice and snow to catch out the unaware. For a brief moment myself, Tom and Alastair held a three man lead but this was not to last. After crossing a cattle-grid a sharp right hander took us off the main path and onto the well flagged first climb. Partly on sheep track, partly on quad track and partly on no track this brutal climb is in the grey area between runnable and walkable. Glorious views across the Scottish borders treated us at the summit before a quick heather bashing downhill and drag back up took us to the iconic Three Brethren. From here the route undulates along gorgeous trails on a broad ridge to the turning point at around 6.5 miles. “The best downhill in the world” stretches from around mile 6 to 9 and this year was made even better by running in a stream surrounded by snow for a good mile stretch. After this comes a fierce reality check. The downhill ends abruptly in a freezing crotch deep burn crossing followed by: a long drag on a farm track; slippy steep woodland trail; shoe eating monster bog and finally the last horrendous hands and knees crawl up the last hill. From the summit – after you wipe the tears from your eyes – it’s a tremendous flying two miles to the finish. Unless your Alastair, then it’s a nice wee detour to look at a pond and Jacob Atkin robbing you of a tattie.

Tremendous post-race feast put on by the organisers (plus Mairi’s flapjacks/not-flapjacks) left us all suitably satisfied. Great run, great food and great craic and gold.

It was a great day out and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves! Tremendous runs all round with some great performances that left local running legend Graeme Sutherland suitably impressed, although smug at pipping Duncan and Katherine at the finish! I managed to grab myself a win, CR and some prizes rich in poisonous gluten, which I have since eaten and suffered the consequences. Myself, Tom and Alastair also picked up the first team prize! Which was suitably consumed later that evening. Special mention to Audrey for heroically stopping and staying with an injured runner until help arrived, sacrificing her own run. Top medic!


  • 1: Mark Sutherland: 1:33:30
  • 4: Alastair Thurlbeck: 1:37:38
  • 6: Tom Callan: 1:39:06
  • 61: Mairi Gilmour: 2:05:42
  • 102: Alice Everett: 2:16:26
  • 137: Duncan Ng: 2:32:13
  • 140: Katherine Mitchell: 2:33:27
  • 149: Elie Waugh: 2:37:45
  • 155: Juliet Hill 2:39:34
  • 167: Audrey Ayres: 2:46:55

Words by Mark Sutherland

Unaware of the suffering to come...

Unaware of the suffering to come…

Mark on his way to a win and a CR

Mark on his way to a win and a CR