Great Scottish Run

On Sunday the 5th of October a large group of Hares and Hounds consisting of several new faces joined the hardened veterans including Adam Stark in completing his 5th Glasgow Half Marathon. The weather looked as appealing as the St Vincent Street climb that opened the race, however we were fortunate as the rain politely held off until the end of our runs. Star man Lachlan Oates ran a fantastic race completing the course in 67 minutes and 41 seconds finishing 13th overall winning the scottish unis half marathon championship in the process. Myles Bax returned emphatically from injury to run the course in 73 minutes and 21 seconds followed closely by Alastair Thurlbeck who incredibly improved his personal best by over 20 minutes. New member Nicole Gruszczynski ran a strong race crossing the line not long after the 90 minute mark with Orla Chapman and Lisa Christy hot on her heels with both looking to be in good shape for the start of our cross country races. Congratulations go to everyone who for completing the run and well done to those who set some nice new PBs. Next up are the Dunbartonshire XC relays.


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